10:08pm September 16, 2014

so true though.


so true though.

8:08am September 6, 2014






so i cleared my throat today and


and then someone poked me in the side so I laughed




and that’s what it’s like being on the second day of your period

i hope this has been educational

This is so accurate it hurts my soul.

I have never seen something so accurate before

The male side of tumblr must be so traumatized right now


12:02pm August 26, 2014


"It’s his first time on live television. Apparently."
Submitted By: Carla F.
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
(via Buzzfeed)

12:05pm August 22, 2014



this is so fucking cute and i reblog it every time sdfjsdfsd


2:04pm August 17, 2014

 2014-2015 School Supplies Haul! (College Freshman)


I’m not completely done with school supply shopping yet, but I know that by the time I am, it’ll be after work Thursday night and I’ll be in a packing frenzy since I move in at 8 AM Friday, so this is my last chance to take pictures of things in their packaging before I mess them up. Therefore,…

6:05pm August 4, 2014


I made a comfort box and although I don’t think this post is going to be seen by anyone, I’m still uploading it because it makes me feel good to post recovery related things (even though I’m not recovering at all) and I hope it will be useful and inspire other people who want to make their own box. I hope mine will help me in the worst moments of my depression and give me a bity of relief during anxiety, panic and depersonalisation/derealization attacks.

If you’d like any suggestions about what to put in it or want to vent your bad thoughts I’m here for you, always.

I divided my comfort box in five sensory sections (and one extra).

HEARING: A list of music to listen to, including

  • my iPod playlist called “soothing” which is full of relaxing music
  • my CDs but not the depressing ones such as Radiohead or I’d stab myself in the heart


  • a glitter jar
  • a snow ball
  • a prism
  • a journal / scrapbook I entitled “understood and loved” with pictures that cheer me up when I’m sad. The cover is a printed drawing by Taylor Ruth of because I love her art
  • photos of me and my friends and grandparents, whom I adore
  • letters from my best friends
  • my 2011 XL (favourite Italian magazine) scrapbook
  • theatre, concert, plane and museum tickets
  • a picture of the clouds I took on a plane which gives me a lot of hope
  • the loveliest postcard
  • London and Oslo guides
  • Icelandic course


  • four kinds of incense
  • Soap & Glory hand cream
  • Guerlain body lotion
  • Occitan (French) blueberry soap
  • Hungarian rose soap
  • soda flavoured chapsticks
  • black tea given my by a dear friend of mine


  • a piece of plastic to chew on - I know it’s not good for my health but eating plastic objects relieves my anxiety and I don’t care if you find it gross or whatever
  • Ferrero Rocher pralines
  • various sweets / candies
  • an homoeopatic medicine of which I like the flavour, it’s totally useless as a medication anyway


  • pastel modelling clay
  • a stress ball
  • pluriball
  • a “I love boobies” plastic bracelet to snap on my wrist to distract me, as long as it doesn’t hurt me
  • a rattle that was given me at a Rocky Horror Show play and kind of looks like an uterus???
  • a brain-shaped rubber ‘cause I like to run my fingers along its grooves

MIND + MEMORIES: aka everything else

  • tissues
  • a cat toy to summon my magic cat and make her stay with me, her purring always calms me a lot
  • some British pounds that are pleasantly cold and nice to touch and which also remind me of how beautiful London is
  • a marker pen I’ve had for 16 years and reminds me of my childhood
  • rainbow make-up I bought at the Milan 2011 gay pride
  • a ring with the Union Jack which is too small for my chubby fingers but is nice to have in such a box because my friend Alessandra gave it to me and it makes me feel protected
  • some Xanax and laxative pills even though I don’t use any of them - I don’t know, I like how they are
  • compact powder for steam inhalation given me as a present

I hope someone will read this as it’s so important for me :)

7:06pm August 3, 2014

DIY Painted Bottles DIY Projects | on We Heart It.


DIY Painted Bottles DIY Projects | on We Heart It.

11:29pm August 2, 2014


"Wait, Peeta didn’t die after Catching Fire? So happy he is ok. Man,I was very worried."



11:23pm August 2, 2014




a public service announcement


You will only end up with mud on your palette and tears on your face

11:35am July 22, 2014

“Getting attached fucks you up.”

— (via no6frahnocry)
11:12pm July 14, 2014



Eyes swollen

Hands shaking

Fingers sore from all the wringing

Throat raw

Head throbbing

Lips aching from all the biting

Heart broken

Chest empty

Mind knows there’s something missing

10:20pm July 10, 2014

Brownie in a mug directions


Brownie in a mug directions